DAY 22


It's trip is feeling like it's beginning to wrap up. We can feel Reykjavík just down the road...

Before we head back to the city and the states, we headed out to Barnafoss and Hraunfoss, two waterfalls on the Hvíta river that sit next to each other. Barnafoss is a narrowing stone chute that violently channels the water down to the river below, and Hraunfoss lies just beyond, with multitudes of water streams coming from the lava wall that lines the river.

Back in Borgarnes, I wandered around the "old town" where the Settlement Center Museum, port and art studios lie on a spit of land jutting into the harbor. It's a nice stepping stone up in energy (although it still feels very sleepy) before we head back to the parking meters, traffic and general bustle of Reykjavík. I use "bustle" here in the context of Iceland...Reykjavík at it's busiest would be considered a pretty chill afternoon back home.

Look - a real forest! They exist here.
The deciduous trees have not sprouted leaves yet, and it's almost June.
Abandoned stone cabin
I'm gonna miss these guys
I bought this horse. His name is Lucky Charms. We're bros now.
Barnafoss looking downstream toward Hraunfoss
Upriver at Hvíta
Storm moving in
The Settlement Center, Borgarnes
Around 10PM
Borgarnes harbor
Faded street art, Borgarnes
Street art, Borgarnes
Street art, Borgarnes
Street art, Borgarnes
Sunset on Borgarnes town