DAY 12


After driving at least 250km a day for three days, we needed a break. We stayed local, shopped in Akureyri, Iceland's second largest city, and set out to see a few museums. Or at least tried...we're here in mid-May, and something most guidebooks and Trip Advisor don't mention is that most, if not all of the museums in and around North Iceland are closed except for Saturday and maybe Sunday until "summer hours" start on June 1. So, if you're here on a Wednesday out of season, skip the culture and go see nature, which doesn't take days off, or find your own adventure. The Aviation Museum was technically closed, but the manager was happy to see us and let us in. We had the place to ourselves, and ended up having a great conversation about fighter jets and the various rescue planes and helicopters and other aircraft in the giant hangar.

The weather is going to be unsettled with rain and snow for the next few days, and the sky was a wild mix of clouds, so we headed over to the harbor to find some interesting viewpoints. An easy, local day. We move on tomorrow...

Solo pilot plane from the 30's. You took off via a giant rubber band, like a slingshot. (I'm not kidding). Later, people would get towed behind bigger planes.
Rescue helicopter that crashed in the water by Reykjavík. All survived, although the chopper's flying days were over.
Can you fly this plane and land it?
Surely you can't be serious.
I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines
Rolls Royce turbofan
Fetzer valve
Darkening skies over an unnamed church
Akureyri harbor
Lighthouse steps
Shore-side shack
Dinosaur? Sea monster?
Rolling clouds
Home on the hill
Akureyri sunset Pano