DAY 14

Ólafsfjörður to Varmahlið

Finally, rain. We've mostly avoided it this trip, but it arrived this morning and lasted most of the morning. We headed out of Ólafsfjörður though the 8km long tunnel at the north side of town, stopping to take some shots of the Herring Era museum in Siglufjörður (museum was closed this early on a Sunday, and frankly, we were a bit museum-ed out after yesterday). Eventually the clouds started to part, replaced with serious wind which rolled the clouds from mountain to mountain - all you had to do was sit and watch the rollercoaster.

Ambled around northwest Iceland, eventually making our way to see Hvitserkur, a rock formation on a black sand beach where seals come to bask. No seals today, and we made our way back toward the small town of Varmahlið, where we took shelter from the winds in a cottage and the attached thermal pool.

Herring Era Museum exterior. This being Sunday morning, almost nothing is open. In this part of Iceland, prior to June 1, most museums and a fair amount of restuarants aren't open much at all.
Herring Era Museum exterior
Herring Era Museum exterior
Darkening skies and spooky fog over the hills
The furthest North we would be on this trip - 66˚11'8"N
Striped hills
The clouds start to part
and the winds pick up
Surf at Sauðárkrókur
Valley leading into Varmahlið