DAY 15

Varmahlið to Ísafjörður

Long day of driving - nearly 500km between these towns. This was a tough part of the trip to book; the Westfjörds don't have many towns, and much fewer hotels and guesthouses than other parts of Iceland. I would have stayed in one of the smaller towns on the way, but nearly everything was booked months in advance, and Ísafjörður, being the biggest town in the Westfjörds, was the only place I could find rooms out here. Still, the drive wasn't bad, and once you enter the fjörds, becomes incredibly scenic. Probably some of the most breathtaking vistas we've seen on this trip, and that's a high bar to reach. Everything out here is quieter - there's fewer people, fewer cars, fewer of nearly everything but nature. Definitely more rugged. The turf house enveloped in white at the top of the pass over the hill to the next fjörd was probably my favorite. It looks cold, but was actually about 8C up there.

Church at Prestsbakki
Road entering the Westfjörds
Parts of the asphalt were worse than the gravel sections
It's quiet and wide open here.
It was May, so there were streams and waterfalls everywhere with snow melt.
Little bits of green bursting through
It's 4C outside, so it must be spring
Sheep farm, Westfjörds
Sheep farm, Westfjörds
Somewhere near Hólmavík
Road 61
Driftwood near Hólmavík
Icelandic architects are always trying new and different things
Near Hólmavík
Most of road 61 lies near the water, where it is warmer. This one section heading out of Reykjanes goes over the hill instead of around it, so you're suddenly surrounded by snow.
Turf house at the top of the hill in white-out conditions. Road was clear, thankfully.
Old house called Arngerðareyri, abandoned for 40+ years. Someone had started some renovations, but never seemed to finish it.
Wall at Arngerðareyri house
Wall at Arngerðareyri house
This was next door
Wind sock at gravel airstrip near beach
Building at Ogur
Turf house at Ogur
Detail from turf house, Ogur
Detail from turf house, Ogur
Detail from turf house, Ogur
Pier, Ogur
Pier, Ogur
White sand beach at the end of one fjörd
Countless waterfalls along the route
Getting noticeably greener
Boat guidance markers
Epic cloud covered hills over Suðavík
Across the water, the Hornstranðir National Park