DAY 16


After a long day yesterday, today was a day to explore the northern part of the Westfjörds around Ísafjörður, where the fishing villages of Bolungarvík, Suðureyri, Flateyri and Þingeyri are connected to each other by tunnels through the rock. You can spot where the road used to go over the snow covered hills, and I'm thankful for the tunnels. Nonetheless, weather permitting, we'll be crossing over the hills tomorrow on the road south of Þingeyri that leads into Patreksfjörður.

Closed road around the fjörd to Bolungarvík, now replaced with a tunnel. Lots of boulders on the old road.
Viewpoint looking at Bolungarvík
Icelandic rocks. Vikings probably stepped on these.
Historic turf fishing village at Osvör
Spring is slowly showing up in little amounts
Turf house window at ground level, Osvör
Small stuff can be beautiful
Wooden face of the turf house, in trendy Martha Stewart Viking Black©
Fish drying racks, Bolungarvík
Fish drying racks, Bolungarvík
Fish drying racks, Bolungarvík
Iceland doesn't do meh landscapes
Emerging from the tunnel heading into Suðureyri, this bursts into view
Containers from a fish processing plant, Suðureyri
The road out of Suðureyri, getting snowier
Almost full white as you head to the tunnel
Tunnel entrance, Suðureyri. Met two people who were hiking up and downhill skiing the hills next to it.
Door, outside Flateyri
It's all about texture these days
View heading into Þingeyri
Looking back into the fjörd from Þingeyri
I only include this because it reminds me of the Sopranos
Salt house, Þingeyri
As a general rule, I never take pictures of my food, but the cod cheeks at Tjöruhúsið in Ísafjörður was one of the best meals I've had in Iceland.
1 AM, Ísafjörður