Snow Day in Eskifjörður

Today the plan was to explore the East Fjörds and head to Sedisfjörður, but the weather forecasts called for high winds and snow. Through the previous night, gale winds blasted down the mountains and shook the cabin, and much of the day we watched horizontal sheets of snow fly past the window. Fortunately the snow didn’t stick. Considering the conditions of the roads were quickly deteriorating, we stayed put and I worked on photos and this blog, venturing out to hit the sauna and outdoor hot pool in the midst of it. Got a few photos in from town, but today was a day to chill, post to this blog, and wait out the winds and snow, which as of this writing at 4:30p, seem to have stopped. Hot tub / Stella play time….

Myoeyri Cabins
Our humble abode
I'm obsessed with the layered wood framing of old houses here - particularly in black.
Fishing house detail
One of many small piers attached to the fishing houses that line the fjörd
Fishing house detail
It's probably always too cold to swim
Fishing house detail
Fishing house detail
The cabins were at the end of town, on a small piece of land jutting into the fjörd
Óðinn showed up
Our cabin
My sleeping loft