In May 2015, I took my parents on a self-guided tour around Iceland for 24 days. This is a photographic blog of a journey that starts and ends in Reykjavík, traveling counter-clockwise around the country, with over 5000km of natural and man-made sights. Expect weather, epic landscapes, horses, street art and very very few photographs of food. No selfies allowed.

Recap and Recommendations
The Good The Bad and the Weird


Day 1 / JFK to Reykjavík

Leaving NYC at 11PM, and arriving at 9AM GMT. An admittedly bleary-eyed tour of the southwest peninsula, ending with a soak in the Blue Lagoon.

Day 2 / Reykjavík

An acclimation day of sorts, romping around Reykjavík and getting our bearings. Architecture, shops, churches and hot dogs.

Day 7 / Höfn to Eskifjörður

Progressively snowier landscapes as we head north, with street art, a massive geology exhibit and a chocolate lab to round out the day.

Day 11 / Húsavík

Relaxing day learning about whales and then having a soak in the Mývatn Nature baths.

Day 12 / Akureyri

Halfway through the trip and we take a vacation from the vacation.

Day 19 / Patreksfjörður to Hellisandur

A long days driving from the Westfjörds to West Iceland and the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. The day starts with snow filled passes and ends with alien fields of sharp rock and blobby moss.

Day 20 / Snæfellsnes

Caves, cliffs, craters, and a story about a small church in basic black along the shores of West Iceland.

Day 22 / Borgarnes

The penultimate stop on the tour brings a unique waterfall, horses, and a beautiful sunset.